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Marvel Marvel Absorbing Man, Hulk #125 Apocalypse the Avengers the Avengers the Avengers the Avengers Batroc the Leaper Beast 70's Black Panther - C.Priest era Black Cat 90's Black Widow 90's Black Widow 90's custom Black Widow Blade (movie) Captain America ('80s) Cable - Early 90's Cable - Early 90's Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) Colossus Colossus Cyclops Dazzler Daredevil Daughters of the Dragon 70s Deadpool Doctor Strange Doctor Strange Elektra Elektra Fantastic Four Fantastic Four the Falcon the Falcon Firestar (v1) Firestar (v1) Goliath (Avengers #28 cover) Ghost Rider (1990's) Ghost Rider (1990's) Groot (Tales to Astonish #13) Guardians of the Galaxy, 2007 logo Havok - old logo Hawkeye Hulk Human Torch (mid-70's solo) Iceman (1980s miniseries) Invisible Girl (Mego-era) Iron Fist (classic) Iron Fist (classic) Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man Iron Man Jean Grey (1990s) Loki (mini-series logo) Mandarin (Iron Man #242 cover) Marrow Moon Knight 1989 Moon Knight Moon Knight Moonstone - Hulk #228 cover Mister Fantastic ('60s-'70s) Mister Fantastic ('60s-'70s) Ms. Marvel - 2006 Mystique Mystique Mystique Namor Namor Nebula - Avengers #318 cover Nick Fury - early 90's Nightcrawler - Marvel Team-Up Nightcrawler - '80s Nightcrawler - '80s Omega Red Phoenix Phoenix Power Man Power Man Cage, 1992 Power Man and Iron Fist Punisher Quicksilver Red Skull - 1995 Rocket Raccoon 80's Rogue - 1995 Rogue - 1995 Sabretooth Sabretooth Sabretooth Scarlet Witch Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars She-Hulk (Byrne era) She-Hulk (Byrne era) She-Hulk Silver Samurai (Daredevil #111) Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Amazing Star-Lord (Annihilators) Storm Storm Taskmaster (Avengers 196 cover) Taskmaster (Avengers 196 cover) Thing Thor, logo 1 Thor Titania Ultron, West Coast Avengers Annual 8 cover Viper (Eaglemoss figurine) Vision Vision Vision Wasp (Marvel Team-Up #59) from Strange Tales #102 Wonder Man, 90s v.2 X-Men X-Men X-Men - Konami arcade game X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Capcom Secret File logo

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