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D.C. 2005 Amanda Waller Aquaman Aquaman the Atom the Atom Bane Bane Batgirl Batgirl Black Manta - ScrollBoss custom Batman 60's TV show Batman 60's TV show Batman early 1980s Batman early 1980s Batman (1989 film) Batman (current) Batman (current) Batman (current) Big Barda (Who's Who v.1) Bizarro 1980's Black Canary - early 90s Black Lightning - 90s Blue Beetle - 1980s Booster Gold 2007 Brainiac 1980's Bronze Tiger Catman, Who's Who v.1 Catwoman - Mego Catwoman - 1980s Catwoman - 1990s Catwoman - 1990s Catwoman 2004 movie Captain Boomerang, Who's Who v.1 Captain Cold - Who's Who v.1 Captain Marvel Cheetah Cheetah Crime Syndicate Cyborg - 1980s Darkseid Deathstroke the Terminator Deathstroke the Terminator Despero (1990 Who's Who) Deadshot (1988 mini-series) Dr. Fate - 80s Sivana (Who's Who) Elongated Man (Silver Age) Fire (Who's Who 1990) 'Fury of' with no fury, Super Powers toy card the Flash: Flash Comics 1, page 1 the Flash Silver Age the Flash Silver Age the Flash Silver Age the Flash Late 80s the Flash 2006 Golden Glider, Who's Who v.1 Gorilla Grodd Granny Goodness (Who's Who v.1) Green Arrow - 70s Green Arrow - 80s Green Arrow - 80s Green Arrow - 90s GL Silver Age GL Silver Age lantern GL - Rayner era 1 GL - Rebirth era GL - Rebirth era Guy Gardner - Rebirth era Harley Quinn - comic logo Hawkman Hawkman Hawkgirl Icon Impulse the Joker (Mego logo) the Joker the Joker the Joker Justice League of America (Giffen/JMD/Maguire era stencil 2) (Giffen/JMD/Maguire era stencil 2) Lex Luthor (early 80s) Lois Lane '50s-'60s) Lois Lane 1971-1972) Croc (Who's Who 1985) Magpie Martian Manhunter (1980s) Martian Manhunter (1980s-2000's) Martian Manhunter (1980s-2000's) Mera, 1980's Metamorpho (1st logo) Mirror Master Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze Mr. Myxzptlk (Who's Who v.1) Nubia WW #205 OMAC (Who's Who v.1) Orion the Peacekeeper the Parasite (Action Comics #361 cover) the Penguin the Penguin Plasticman Poison Ivy Poison Ivy Power Girl the Question (O'Neil era) the Question (O'Neil era) the Question (O'Neil era) Raven (Tales of the Teen Titans) Red Tornado classic, red-yellow Red Tornado - 1985 mini-series Reverse Flash (Rebirth) Riddler (Mego era) Riddler (Mego era) Riddler, Who's Who v.1 Robin the Teen Wonder Robin the Teen Wonder Robin - 90's Scarecrow Shazam Shazam Shazam Shrapnel Shrapnel Sinestro - Rebirth style Solomon Grundy - Who's Who Solomon Grundy - Who's Who Stargirl (TV logo) Static Steel Supergirl Supergirl Superman Superman Superman Superman Swamp Thing The New Teen Titans The New Teen Titans The New Teen Titans Toyman (based on Action Comics 432, page 1) Two-Face Vixen - original Wonder Twins WW - classic Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman - Super Powers card WW - 2007 WW - 2007 Zatanna - older logo Zod (Phantom Zone logo style) Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

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