ScrollBoss: Graphic Generator info

You can use this to make fake video game screenshots where one character is getting ready to fight another. This includes sprites from games along with edited sprites and graphics. Many of the screen styles do not match the real games 100% and are marked as "custom". New characters, styles and features are still being worked on.

Legal disclaimer: All outside characters, graphics and concepts © and TM 2009 their respective companies. All ScrollBoss graphics © James Beaver.

Major Updates:

2010/11/28 - All Generators: Screen style options enabled.

2010/07/19 - All Generators: pages rewritten to become a more flexible base for other generators. GroupShot Generator added.

2010/05/08 - Vs. Maker: bumped up to version 0.85 with Sprite Palette and NameGFX features added. X-Men: Children of the Atom replaces minilogos with NameGFX and becomes 100% accurate. SFA3 replaces minilogos with NameGFX.

2009/12/31 - Vs. Maker: 'Revenge of 1989' update 2 with Technos company (Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee, Kunio-Kun, Alex and Ryan).
2009/12/27 - Vs. Maker: 'Revenge of 1989' update 1 with new six character slots (KoF '94) enabled and additions of TMNT, Tecmo (Ryu and Irene), and many other 1989-centric characters.

2009/08/07 - Vs. Maker: bumped up to version 0.80 with oval shadows.

2009/07/19 - Vs. Maker: Sega character section added.

2009/06/19 - Vs. Maker: SNK & Data East character sections added.

2009/06/11 - Vs. Maker: Small update with added sprites.

2009/06/05 - Vs. Maker officially added to ScrollBoss. Starts with Capcom, Marvel and DC characters. MSH is 100% accurate since the generator was just supposed to be a MSH Vs. screen emulator.


Graphics by: Capcom, SNK

Programming, Additional Graphics & Graphic Edits: PrimeOp

Rips/Extractions: PrimeOp, TDS/JustNoPoint & Wuwo(CvS and MvsC2 sprites) and Zweifuss (SF3)