Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat) - 199?
Whole Figure: Iolaus (Hercules)

Info:Old-style Toy Biz custom of Sub-Zero. Done in the days when my airbrush worked, so he's got some airbrush shading on him. The Iolaus figure that's his base used the same mold as Archangel and was one of my favorite Toy Biz sculpts from back then. Since this was done before I was on the internet, I had no idea that he was a favorite for many other customizers, too. I made various ice-things out of hot-glue that had bits of blue ink mixed in. If I ever find that stuff, I'll take more pictures.
Completely off-topic here, but I did a custom Kitana as a commission piece around this same time that was pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera to take a pic of it before giving it to the customer.

Sub-Zero and all Mortal Kombat characters © 2005 Midway. Used without permission, but much respect.

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