Games from the beatemup genre

64th Street - A Detective Story 1991 Arcade Jaleco Beat-em-up
Alien Storm 1990 Arcade Sega Beat-em-up
Alien vs. Predator 1994 arcade Capcom Beat-em-up
Altered Beast 1988 Arcade Sega Side-scroller Beat-em-up
Altered Beast 1989 Genesis Sega Side-scroller Beat-em-up
Avengers 1987 Arcade Capcom Beat-em-up
Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja 1988 Arcade Data East Beat-em-up
Beats of Rage 2003 PC Senile Team Beat-em-up
Brawl Brothers 1993 SNES Jaleco Beat-em-up
Burning Fight 1991 Neo-Geo SNK Beat-em-up
Captain America and the Avengers 1991 Arcade Data East , Marvel Beat-em-up
Captain America and the Avengers 1992 Genesis Data East , Marvel Beat-em-up
Captain Commando 1991 Arcade Capcom Beat-em-up
Crime Fighters 1989 Arcade Konami Beat-em-up
Double Dragon 1987 Arcade Technos Beat-em-up
Double Dragon II - the Revenge 1989 NES Technos Beat-em-up
Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari 1989 Famicom Technos Beat-em-up
Dynamite Dx 1989 Sega Master System Sega Beat-em-up
Final Fight 1989 Arcade Capcom Beat-em-up
Final Fight 2 1993 Super Nintendo Capcom Beat-em-up
Growl 1991 Arcade Taito Beat-em-up
Hachoo 1989 Arcade Jaleco Beat-em-up
Ikari III: the Rescue 1989 Arcade SNK Beat-em-up
Kung-Fu Master 1984 Arcade IREM Beat-em-up
Kuri Kinton 1988 arcade Taito Beat-em-up Platformer
Ninja Baseball Bat Man 1993 Arcade IREM Beat-em-up
Ninja Gaiden 1988 Arcade Tecmo Beat-em-up
the Ninja Kids 1990 Arcade Taito Beat-em-up
Ninja Warriors 1994 SNES Taito , Natsume Beat-em-up
P.O.W. - Prisoners of War 1988 Arcade SNK Beat-em-up
the Punisher 1993 Arcade Capcom Beat-em-up
Rival Turf 1992 SNES Jaleco Beat-em-up
River City Ransom 1990 NES Technos Beat-em-up
Sonic Blast Man 1992 SNES Taito Beat-em-up
Splatterhouse 1988 arcade Namco Beat-em-up Platformer
Streets of Rage 1991 Genesis Sega Beat-em-up
Streets of Rage 2 1992 Genesis Sega Beat-em-up
Streets of Rage 3 1994 Genesis Sega Beat-em-up
Superman 1988 Arcade Taito Beat-em-up Shooter
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Arcade Konami Beat-em-up
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time 1992 SNES Konami Beat-em-up
Trojan 1986 NES Capcom Beat-em-up Hack-and-Slash
Vendetta 1991 Arcade Konami Beat-em-up
Vigilante 1988 Arcade IREM Beat-em-up
X-Men 1992 Arcade Konami Beat-em-up

This isn't meant to be a complete game database. Check out Moby Games and Games Database for more information and a wider selection of games.

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