Games from the beatemup genre

the Adventures of Bayou BillyUSA:1989 arcade Konami Beat 'em up
Alien StormUSA:1990
Arcade Sega Beat 'em up
Alien vs. PredatorUSA:1994 arcade Capcom Beat 'em up
Altered BeastUSA:1988 arcade Sega Side-scroller, Beat 'em up
Altered BeastUSA:1989
Genesis Sega Side-scroller, Beat 'em up
AvengersUSA:1987 arcade Capcom Beat 'em up
Bad Dudes vs. DragonninjaUSA:1988 Arcade Data East Beat 'em up
Battle CircuitUSA:1997 Arcade Capcom Beat 'em up
Beats of Rage Senile Team Beat 'em up
Brawl BrothersUSA:1993
JPN:1992 December 22
SNES Jaleco Beat 'em up
Burning FightUSA:1991 Neo-Geo SNK Beat 'em up
Bucky O'HareUSA:1992 Arcade Konami Beat 'em up, Shooter
Captain America and the AvengersUSA:1991 Arcade Data East , Marvel Beat 'em up
Captain America and the AvengersUSA:1992 Genesis Data East , Marvel Beat 'em up
Captain CommandoUSA:1991
Arcade Capcom Beat 'em up
Crime FightersUSA:1989 Arcade Konami Beat 'em up
Double DragonUSA:1987
Arcade Technos Beat 'em up
Double Dragon II - the RevengeUSA:1989 NES Technos Beat 'em up
Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari
Famicom Technos Beat 'em up
USA:1989 Sega Master System Sega Beat 'em up
Final FightUSA:1989
arcade Capcom Beat 'em up
Final Fight 2USA:1993
Super Nintendo Capcom Beat 'em up
Flashgal Sega Beat 'em up, Shoot 'em up
Arcade Taito Beat 'em up
Arcade Jaleco Beat 'em up
Ikari III: the RescueUSA:1989 Arcade SNK Beat 'em up
Knights of the RoundUSA:1991 arcade Capcom Hack and slash, Beat 'em up
Kung-Fu MasterUSA:1984 Arcade IREM Beat 'em up
Kuri KintonUSA:1988 arcade Taito Beat 'em up, Platformer
Ninja Baseball Bat ManUSA:1993 Arcade IREM Beat 'em up
Ninja CombatUSA:1990 Neo-Geo Alpha Denshi Beat 'em up
Ninja GaidenUSA:1988 Arcade Tecmo Beat 'em up
the Ninja KidsUSA:1990 Arcade Taito Beat 'em up
Ninja WarriorsUSA:1994
SNES Taito , Natsume Beat 'em up
P.O.W. - Prisoners of WarUSA:1988 Arcade SNK Beat 'em up
the PunisherUSA:1993 Arcade Capcom Beat 'em up
Rival TurfUSA:1992 SNES Jaleco Beat 'em up
River City RansomUSA:1990 NES Technos Beat 'em up
Sonic Blast ManUSA:1992
SNES Taito Beat 'em up
Sonic Blast Man 2USA:1994 SNES Taito Beat 'em up
SplatterhouseUSA:1988 arcade Namco Beat 'em up, Platformer
Streets of RageUSA:1991
Genesis Sega Beat 'em up
Streets of Rage 2USA:1992
Genesis Sega Beat 'em up
Streets of Rage 3USA:1994 Genesis Sega Beat 'em up
SupermanUSA:1988 Arcade Taito Beat 'em up, Shooter
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesUSA:1989
Arcade Konami Beat 'em up
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in TimeUSA:1992 SNES Konami Beat 'em up
Arcade Konami Beat 'em up
VigilanteUSA:1988 Arcade IREM Beat 'em up
Arcade Konami Beat 'em up

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