Games that start with B

Bad Dudes vs. DragonninjaUSA:1988 Arcade Data East Beat 'em up
BatmanUSA:1989 NES Sunsoft Platformer
BerzerkUSA:1980 Arcade Stern Shooter, Maze
Beats of Rage Senile Team Beat 'em up
Bionic CommandoUSA:1988 NES Capcom Platformer
Black TigerUSA:1987 Arcade Capcom Platformer, Hack and slash
Beraboh Man
Arcade Namco Platformer, Shooter
Brawl BrothersUSA:1993
JPN:1992 December 22
SNES Jaleco Beat 'em up
Burning FightUSA:1991 Neo-Geo SNK Beat 'em up

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